How to select proper size for a portrait painting

When it comes to art, it gets tough about sizing. Here are some recommendation about how to select proper size for a portrait painting:

- Oversized: Oversized portrait painting is used as a focal point of a wall or room, with a length of 100 centimeters or more (~40 inches).

- Large portrait painting: This size is from about 80 cm-100 cm (30" - 40"). Large portrait painting could serve as a centerpiece or be balanced on either side with mini or small pieces. One or two large pieces in 01 room is standard.

- Medium portrait painting: 60 cm -70 cm (24" - 28"). Keep your space symmetrical when using medium portrait paintings.

- Small portrait painting: 45 cm - 59 cm (18" - 23"). Made it in pairs or a group of 3 to 6 hangings.

- Mini portrait painting: 25cm - 44 cm (10" - 17"). Made it in group about 3 to 4 hangings.